Historic Mural Five Dock



 Brief: The client was after a hand painted mural, way finding and hand painted signage for a 40m long public walkway that connected two streets and the new residential development in Five dock, Sydney. 
They wanted the artwork to draw inspiration from the local area and land marks, it’s rich cultural history and the name sake of of the development Catania a coastal town in Sicily, Italy.


The process followed by Paint The Town for creating the mural in Five Dock and Catania involved several key steps:

1 Research: The team began by researching the history of Five Dock and Catania, including landmarks and influential residents. This historical information served as the foundation for the mural’s design.

2 Digital Mock-Up: Using the gathered research, Paint The Town created an original digital mock-up of the mural concept. This mock-up was presented to the client and the City of Canada Bay Council for approval before proceeding further.

3 Hand Painting: The mural was then hand-painted by the Paint The Town team over a period of three weeks. This process likely involved careful attention to detail and coordination among team members to ensure the mural’s accuracy and quality.


The outcome of the project was highly successful:

  • Standout Feature: The mural became a standout feature of the development, drawing attention and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area.

  • Transformation: It transformed a previously blank walkway into a captivating visual piece and a focal point of interest.

  • Interactive and Educational: The mural provided an interactive way for pedestrians and residents to engage with their surroundings and learn about the rich history of their neighborhoods. It served as a conversation starter and a source of local pride.

Overall, the project exemplifies how public art can enhance community spaces, promote cultural heritage, and foster a sense of belonging among residents.

Design Choices: The team opted for a muted color palette inspired by classic vintage colors such as green, red, and tan. Additionally, they chose a simplified graphic style to maintain coherence throughout the different scenes depicted in the mural.

 something new about their neighborhoods its rich history 


Client: Catania
Artist: Blends