How can a mural help to reinforce your brand’s values

One of our latest projects was to translate the values of a Ribs and Burgers into a mural for their new restaurant location in Rhodes NSW. 

The brief was to capture the family values of the company with a nod to the local community of Rhodes, they also wanted the mural to have a 3-dimensional element with the kids captures as if they are painting the graffiti on the wall.   

Ribs and Burgers is still very much a family business with multiple generations working in the company, to communicate this we photographed the owners’ beloved grandchildren as reference for the young graffiti artists in the mural. 

The end result is a run and interactive mural that everyone can relate to.
Every family has that one naughty kid that has scribbled on the walls, right? Well, let’s be honest, we have all done it, we just turned it into a profession. 

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