Ok so you’re thinking about hiring a Graffiti or Mural artist to create some artwork in your business or home to add some unique character but you’re not sure where to being.

It can be a bit daunting contacting with an unknown artist and collaborate on a creative commission but don’t worry we have got you covered in 10 easy steps to make sure the process as smooth as possible.  


1- Find the right artist

Graffiti artists are notorious for being hard to contact but we have a great network of world-class, professional artists across Australian and abroad suitable for any project.

We suggest choosing an artist whose style fits your vision, most artists are pretty versatile in what they can paint but it’s best to take into consideration their past work and see if their style fits with your project. We recommend choosing the artist based on their work and not just their quote because sometimes you really get what you pay within a highly skilled job like this.

2- Clear information about the wall or space

We can give an accurate quote if we have clear information about the space. So we have listed a few factors that can help with quoting:

– The length and height of the wall.

– A photo of the wall so we can assess the site and any potential issues.

– Prep work to the wall, ie chipped paint or damaged wall.

– Priming and sanding, if the wall is raw brick or concrete, is enamel or gloss surface like colorbond.

– Access: do we need to work at heights or hire equipment to reach the space.

– Wall surface: for instance, we wouldn’t recommend small or high detailed images painted on a corrugated surface.

– Indoors or outdoor: We can paint either but different paints and finishes are better suited for each. 

3- Have a clear vision

Be clear about your idea and if possible share some reference images or communicate this with the artist.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, give a clear direction of what you do know, for example:

– What you want to achieve with the mural,

– Colours you do or don’t want to use,

– Themes you want to touch on

– Anything to avoid

This will be a good base for the artist to interpret these ideas into a concept design for the mural.


4- Get a concept design approved first

You wouldn’t build a house without an architect’s design being approved first and the same goes for a mural. Get a concept design submitted and signed off before you start the mural so you both know what the finished product will look like. It’s much easier to work out any changes on paper first instead of after it’s finished. Please also keep in mind that the finished hand painted artwork is not going to look exactly like the digital mock-up or sketch when finished, but it’s still the best way to make sure you’re on the same page with the concept, colours and layout.

5- Trust the artist

We find the best work comes from collaborations when the artist has some freedom to work with their creative vision and style into the brief.

Work in collaboration with the artist and give clear direction but also trust the artists and their ideas so they can work their magic.

6- Aboriginal art

When having an Indigenous style artwork or a mural depicting aboriginal people we suggest working with or in collaboration with indigenous artists and to get advice from the local tribal council about what’s appropriate to paint.

There are strict rules about painting Indigenous imagery and even if the person commissioning it has good intentions, it can be culturally offensive if they have not been approved through the proper channels first.

7- Preparing the wall

If working on a bare brick or concrete, enamel or gloss surfaces it’s recommended to clean, prep and prime the wall first. This way the artwork will adhere to the surface and last for much longer.

8- Ventilation

Spray paint fumes can be overbearing for people in the same room if there isn’t proper ventilation.

This is good to consider for live events or if people will be working in the space when it is being painted.
To prevent the fumes we can either paint after hours or use water-based paint that is low odour.

The spray paint smell is only an issue when painting and the smell will go after about 8 hours with ventilation.

9- Realistic budget

It takes a very specialised skill set to create professional mural artwork.

Remember you are paying for the artist time to come up with an original concept design, the artist’s labour to paint the artwork, materials and hire equipment needed on the job. Think about what it would cost to have the same space hand painted by a sign writer or even a professional house painter. Their cost will most likely make a mural artist’s quote look very reasonable.

10- Think outside the wall

We can paint almost any surface. For example, we can paint cars, trucks, hot air balloons, sculptures, glass, canvas, small objects or whole buildings. We can also incorporate paintings with installations and even make artworks come alive with Augmented reality.  

The limit is your imagination so if you have a crazy idea, please let us know and we can work out the best way to make it a reality.



We hope this information helps with your new mural project.

If you’d like some professional help to bring your mural to life we’d be happy to help you. Please send us your enquiry HERE.